<transcy>Virgin Sea Salt</transcy>
<transcy>Virgin Sea Salt</transcy>
<transcy>Virgin Sea Salt</transcy>
<transcy>Virgin Sea Salt</transcy>

Virgin Sea Salt

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This is the name given to the salt from the evaporation of seawater concentrated exclusively by the ation of the wind and the sun. It is a completely natural product, it does not wash or dry, thus preserving all the minerals in seawater and the trace elements provided by clay.

The grain of natural salt is soft and pinkish white. Ideal for everyday use in natural and healthy cooking.

The salt is "strained" with a sieve to obtain the most homogeneous grains. Not to be confused with fine processed table salt. Generally, this salt comes from mining extraction and is refined by adding potassium fluoride, iodine or binder, among others. Artisanal sea salt is rich in minerals and trace elements, indicated in natural diets.

Great Gold Medal Agrocanarias Contest 2018
Gold Medal Agrocanarias Contest 2019
Gold Medal Agrocanarias Contest 2020

It comes in a 1Kg package.

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